Replacement of water supply networks

The technology allows a trenchless method of replacing steel and cast-iron water pipelines of 80 to 530 mm diameter with polyethylene pipes. Six kits of standard size sets have been designed.

Principle of operation:

On the pneumatic hammer placed in the working well, a ribbed expander is mounted, to the rear part of which a pre-prepared whip of a new polyethylene pipeline is attached, tightened into the working well through an inclined well connected to the lower part of the working well. Cable winch with an anchor device located in the receiving well, passes through the replaced pipeline section and joins the front of the pneumatic hammer. When the pneumatic hammer operates, the blow is transmitted to the expander and through it to the old pipe. When the expander moves, the old pipe is destroyed and the soil is expanded to the outer diameter of the expander. In the resulting well, when the expander moves, a new pipe is welded into the whip using a pipe welding equipment. The design of the pneumatic hammer ensures stable operation of the pneumatic hammer with the length of the shifted section up to 150 m, the start is made by pulling the winch cable. The exhaust of the waste energy is carried into the replaced pipe.