Completed work

Work to replace the emergency section of the sewage system with a diameter of 200 mm with a length of 42 meters with an expansion of the diameter of 225 mm on the street Sergo Zakariadze, Tbilisi.

Trenchless replacement of a reinforced concrete pipe 500mm with 500mm SDR 17 polyethylene pipe by destruction method.

Замена восьми участков канализации диаметром 160 мм в г. Зугдиди, Грузия, на ул. Ломоносова для немецкой компании "Ludwig Pfeiffer".

Replacement of the output in an apartment building with an increase in diameter from 160 mm to 225 mm.

Work on laying a new pipeline 160 mm in diameter under a two-lane road 20 meters long in Rustavi, Georgia.

Presentation. Demonstration work for "Georgian Water and Power" (GWP) for the replacement of the emergency sewerage in the busy section of Rafael Agladze Street. The pipeline was successfully replaced with a length of 14 meters and a diameter of 225 mm in 1.5 hours.

Work to replace the emergency section of a 35-meter pipeline with a diameter of 300 mm on the street. Teaching, Novosibirsk. The work was carried out at a temperature of -35 degrees.

Работа по прокладке новых трубопроводов (канализации диаметром 160 мм, водопровода диаметром 75 мм, чехла под газовую трубу диаметром 75 мм) под железной дорогой в г. Поти, Грузия